Complete training in one powerful, customizable, all-inclusive management tool.

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Welcome to the BCS LMS

The BCS Learning Management System has been designed to provide a complete solution to the training and management needs of its clients (both for online and in-person students). It is a fully integrated system which provides a robust set of authoring, registration, training, administration, tracking and reporting functions.

Businesses can benefit from the following features:

  • Easy to configure and get started
  • Only pay for what you use (based on student completions)
  • Easy integration to your website for registration and schedules
  • High levels of availability, security and peformance
  • Audit ability (every data change is recorded)
  • Security based on role permissions
  • Capable of processing very high student loads
  • Integrates directly with State management agencies
  • Information transport is electronic
  • Single point of data storage
  • Flexible and compete reporting capabilities
  • Redundancy in key components
  • The client controls their own data

Overview of BCS LMS

Control Application: Provides core functionality, data upload/download capabilities, tracing, data audit, backup and recovery

Learning Management System: Provides online course capability. Includes student status and transcript tracking and course bookmarking. Provides client administration capabilities.

Web Site: Provides basic marketing facilities, online registration and sales. Can be added to client web sites.

Admin Portal: Allows application administration, course, class and student definition.

Agency Portal: Supplies all agency related functionality

Tech Support Portal: Provides technical administration, problem diagnosis and customer support features.

Reports Engine: Provides management reporting.

Database: Houses student, course, financial and usage data.

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